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The University of Nevada, Reno Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program is federally funded at $231,000.00 annually

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LaKesha Farmer

Scholar: LaKesha Farmer

Lakesha Farmer

Major: Biology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Svetlana Todorova

Research Topic: "Release of Soluble Nucleotidases by the Sympathetic Nerves of the Rabbit Vas Deferens: Modulation by Sodium Orthovanadate"

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine whether sodium orthovanadate interferes with the activity or the release of soluble ATPases from the sympathetically innervated rabbit vas deferens. Isolated rabbit vas deferens was maintained under superfusion and the release of soluble enzyme was evoked by the application of electrical field stimulation (EFS). ATPase activity of the collected enzyme samples was tested using etheno-ATP as substrate and the metabolic products of the reaction were quantified by HPLC with fluorescent detection. Our data demonstrate that EFS increases the release of soluble enzyme by five fold. ATP and ADP were metabolized, while AMP was not. Sodium orthovanadate (SOV) at 1mM inhibited the ATPase activity by 14.7+3.7% and the ADPase activity by 8.4+2.7%. On the other hand, when applied to the solution superfusing the rabbit vas deferens SOV (1mM) significantly increased (p<0.0001, ANOVA) the activity of the collected samples suggesting that the release of enzyme was increased. In conclusion, SOV could facilitate the release of soluble ATPases by the sympathetic nerves of the rabbit vas deferens, while slightly inhibiting their enzymatic activity.

Graduated With Baccalaureate Degree: Spring 2009

Masters or Doctoral Program Update: Accepted at the University of Southern California Pharmacy School, fall 2010

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