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BA Statistics

Statistics is the study of the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. It deals with all aspects of this, including the planning of data collection in terms of the design of surveys and experiments.

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Semester 1

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Semester 2

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Semester 3

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Semester 4

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Semester 5

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Statistics Option

I. University Core Curriculum Requirements (33-38 Credits)

II. Additional Department of Mathematics and Statistics Requirement

  • Foreign Language: Students must successfully complete a fourth semester college course in a foreign language or demonstrate proficiency as determined by placement examination, or other means, by the Department of Foreign Language and Literatures. The Department of Mathematics suggests that students choose French, Russian, or German as their required language.


  • Math 181, Calculus I (4 credits)
  • Math 182, Calculus II (4 credits)
  • Math 283, Calculus III (4 credits)
  • Math 285 Differential Equations 3 credits
  • Math 310-Introduction to Analysis I - 3 credits
  • Math 311-Introduction to Analysis II - 3 credits
  • Math 330, Linear Algebra I - 3 credit
  • Math 452, Statistics I - 3 credits
  • Math 461, Probability Theory - 3 credits
  • Stat 467, Statistical Theory - 3 credits
  • Additional mathematics or statistics courses numbered 300 or above (except Math/Stat 352). Some courses outside the mathematics department may be counted. Click here for a list of approved courses.   - 9 credits.

The Mathematics and Statistics department accepts any minor from any other University department.

V. ELECTIVES: (10-18 Credits)

VI. TOTAL CREDITS  (128 Credits)
Forty or more credits must be in courses numbered 300 or above.

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