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Each graduate student is required to meet with her/his Advisory Committee Chair at least two weeks before the end of each semester to discuss her/his progress and approve class schedules for the following semester.  All graduate level classes that are counting towards the 32 (non-thesis option) or 30 (thesis option) hours of required graduate credits, have to be approved by the student's Advisory Committee Chair prior to taking these classes.

In addition to the required meeting with their Advisory Committee Chair every semester, we require our graduate students to fill out and submit to the Graduate School their Program of Study by the end of their 2nd semester in our Graduate Program.

The identity of the Advisory Committee Chair is determined as follows:

  1. If a student is writing a thesis and has a thesis advisor, the thesis advisor plays the role of the Advisory Committee Chair.
  2. Similarly, if a student holds a research assistantship (RA), the Advisory Committee Chair is the faculty sponsor of the RA.
  3. Otherwise, the identity of the Advisory Committee Chair is determined by the program of study in which the student is enrolled:
  4. New students may meet with any of the faculty listed in point 3 above.

Graduate students need to follow all policies of the UNR Graduate School.  In particular, they need to make sure that they file all forms required by the Graduate School on time.  Please consult the Graduate School web site for more information.

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