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Peer Tutoring


The Mathematics Center at the University offers free mathematics and statistics walk-in tutoring for students enrolled in any University of Nevada, Reno course.

Our 30 station computer lab is equipped to help students with traditional questions as well as online homework. There is no limit to how many times students can visit the lab during the semester or how long they stay.

  • A student ID ( Wolf Card ) is required for every visit. Knowing your NSHE ID number will not be accepted as a substitute.
  • Tutoring is available during our regular hours of operation.
  • Our tutors, their specific hours and their skill level can be found on: Our People page, the Tutor Schedule page, and our Facebook page.  
  • Every semester students are required to sign our student policies form (listed below).

Student Policies:

  • Talking on cell phones is prohibited in the Math Center at all times. You will be asked to leave if you talk on your phone. Please turn your phone on silent when you enter the lab.
  • Food and drink are not allowed anywhere in the Math Center.
  • Your student ID is required every time you visit the Math Center. Knowing your NSHE ID is not a substitute.
  • Avoid loud conversations. If you are disturbing other students and/or tutors, you will be asked to leave.
  • It is a violation of the University's Academic Standards Policy to ask Math Center tutors/staff to do your homework for you or check your homework problems. Tutors will report such violations.
  • The Math Center is not a substitute for missed classes. We will not attempt to "teach" missed course material.
  • You must come prepared with course materials such as: texts, notes and calculators.
  • You are responsible for planning and providing adequate time to receive tutoring from the Math Center. Schedule your time in the Math Center well in advance of your assignment's deadline.

Student Expectations:

  • The Math Center tutors will be knowledgeable of the University's mathematics course material.
  • If a tutor is unable to answer your questions he/she will work to find a staff member who can in a timely manner.
  • The Math Center tutors/staff will be polite, respectful and patient at all times.
  • The Math Center tutors/staff will be attentive to you from the moment you enter the Center.
  • It is our goal to help you understand the math/stats concepts in your course. Though tutors will not do homework problems for you, there are several approaches, methods and techniques that we use to ensure that you thoroughly understand the material.

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