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Our People


Ricky Aguirree-Escobar

Up to MATH 330; Stat 352; PHYS 180

Nelson Aquino

Front Desk

Ivan Biondi Thumbnail

Ivan Biondi

Up to MATH 285; STAT 352; PHYS 180/181

Mat Boggs Thumbnail

Mathew Boggs

Up to MATH 330, 301

Steven Bristow Thumbnail

Steven Bristow

APST 270, APST 470, NRES 407, STAT 152

Zachary Brounstein Picture

Zachary Brounstein

Up to MATH 461, Up to PHYS 181

Alex Buettner Thumbnail

Alex Buettner

Up to MATH 285, STAT 353, PHYS 182

Christopher Butcher small picture.

Christopher Butcher

Up to MATH 285, Up to PHYS 301

Small Picture of James Byars

James (Alex) Byars

Up to MATH 285; PHYS 180

Dillon Carroll

Up to MATH 182

Danella Clarke Thumbnail

Danelle Clarke

Math Center Director


 Nicholas Cleymaet thumb

Nicholas Cleymaet

Up to MATH 182, 301, 310, 330, 466; STAT up to 467; ECON 261, 262

Ryan Davis Small Thumbnail

Ryan Davis

Up to MATH 331, MATH 488; Most PHYS Courses

Dan Edmonds small thumbnail.

Dan Edmonds

Front Desk

Jessie Elms Thumbnail

Jessie Elms

Front Desk

Nasim Emadi

Up to MATH 285, MATH 330

Samantha Evans

Front Desk

Robert Fisch Small Thumbnail

Robert Fisch

Up to MATH 285; PHYS 180

Deb Fisher thumbnail.

Deb Fisher

Administrative Assistant

jackson thumb

Jackson Fitzsimmons

Up to MATH 182

Brian Gaunt Thumbnail

Brian Gaunt

Up to MATH 283, MATH 301, MATH 330; Up to CS 365

Alaina Gibbons thumbnail.

Alaina Gibbons

Up to MATH 410, MATH 440

Koleanna Hart thumbnail.

Koléanna Hart

Up to MATH 285, MATH 330, MATH 488; STAT 352; Up to PHYS 181

Stephen Hatch thumbnail.

Stephen Hatch

STAT 152, APST 270

Sheri Ignacio thumbnail.

Sheri Ignacio

Up to Math283; PHYS 180

Jason Lim

Up to MATH 182; STAT 152

Tania Luo

Up to MATH 283; PHYS 180

Jerome Lupena thumbnail.

Jerome Lupena

Up to MATH 283; PHYS 180

Keanu McMurray thumbnail

Keanu McMurray

Up to MATH 182; APST 270


Patrick McPherson

Up to MATH 283; PHYS 181

Catalina thumbnail

Catalina Medina

Up to MATH 181

Tyler Thumbnail

Tyler Mirolock

Front Desk

Xu Ke Thumbnail

Kyle Murray

Up to MATH 182, Stat 352

Peter Thumbnail

Peter Olisa

Up to MATH 285, PHYS 182

Vivian On Thumbnail

Vivian On

Up to MATH 283, PHYS 180

Andrew Palmer

Up to MATH 330, 301; PHYS 180/181; CS 202, 365

Xu Ke Thumbnail

Collin Parker

Up to MATH 283; APST 270

Bobby Prater

Student Worker

cameron thumb

Cameron Renteria

Up to MATH 283; PHYS 151/181

Andrew Schmitz thumbnail.

Andrew Schmitz

Graduate Assistant

Megan Smith's thumbnail.

Megan Smith

Up to MATH 285, 310, 330

Block N Logo

Riley Splinter

Up to Math 182

Owen Stewart thumbnail.

Owen Stewart

Up to MATH 330, PHYS 180

Evan Su

Up to MATH 283, PHYS 181

Scott Tilton Thumbnail

Scott Tilton

Up to MATH 330, MATH 476, 486, STAT 352


Micah Vallin

Up to MATH 330; PYHS 151/152, 180/181

Narae Wadsworth thumbnail.

Narae Wadsworth

Up to MATH 285, MATH 301

Xu Ke Thumbnail

Ke Xu

Up to MATH 127

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