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Center FAQs


Where is the Math Center located?

The Math Center lab is located in the Pennington Student Achievement Center on the 3rd floor.  The Math Center is in room 300 and the administrative offices are in 303 and 304.

Do I need to bring a student ID when I visit the Math Center?

Yes.  A University of Nevada, Reno student ID is required for EVERY visit to the Math Center. Knowing your ID number NOT an acceptable substitute. It's necessary that we keep accurate statistics regarding the usage of the Center.  We can only do that with student IDs.  If you do not bring your student ID, you will not be allowed to use the Math Center.   

How do I rent calculators?

The Math Center allows students to rent graphing calculators for $20 per semester.  Students need to pay this fee at the Cashier's Office before they can get the calculator from the Math Center (the Math Center can not accept payment).  Students can download the form and take it directly to the Cashier's Office.  

How can I find a private tutor?

The Math Center does not offer private tutoring as part of our services.  However, the Math Center and the Math/Stat Department keeps a list of people who offer their services as private tutors.

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