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Reno Accuplacer Info

Taking Accuplacer -Reno Area

Students who live in or around the Reno Area take Accuplacer at UNR in the Mathematics Center located at WRB 1003.


  1. There is a $10 fee for taking an Accuplacer test. Students need to pay for the Accuplacer test on MyNEVADA before arriving at the Math Center.

    If you are taking the test the next day or later: MyNEVADA will email students a receipt of the transaction that evening.  Students need to bring this receipt to the Math Center when they come in to take the test. 

    If you are taking the test the same day:  Either print a screen shot of your transaction or show the reference number to the front desk. 

  2. Students need to bring a photo ID, their NSHE ID number and a pencil or pen for doing work. A calculator is unnecessary and not allowed. Accuplacer provides an on-screen calculator when needed.

  3. In order to have adequate time, students must arrive at the Math Center 90 minutes before closing for Accuplacer testing.
    Our hours change during the summer and winter break, please check our schedule for the most up-to-date information.

  4. Accuplacer testing is NOT available year round. For each semester, testing begins the week prior to the first date of registration and continues until the final day to add classes.

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