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See below to download an individual logo:

Horizontal Logo

Stacked Logo

Block N Logo

Block N files and usage

Looking for logos? You're in the right spot. For individual logos, see the links on the right. To download all our logos at once, see the zipped packages below:

  • Basic Logos - These are ideal for use in programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and other everyday programs.
  • Advanced (Vector) Logos - These are typically in Adobe Illustrator format, giving you maximum flexibility.

Logo guidelines

What is the logo? The logo consists of the N surrounded by a square field of blue. These elements cannot be used separately.

When should I use the logo? All of the time, on every publication and website.
The logo must be on the cover of all publications. The logo can be part of a die-cut or embossed.

How about websites? An approved logo should appear on all websites, preferably in the upper left-hand corner of the site. See: University Home Page or College of Engineering or College of Education for examples.

Can I change the color? The printed logo should appear in one of the official colors. If printing in 1 or 2 colors, one color must always be black or PMS 282 (Blue).

Can I apply special effects? The logo should appear unaltered in every application and should not be stretched or have a drop shadow or any other effect applied. The bounding box should always appear around the N and the proportion of the N should not be changed within the box. Do not crop the blue space around the N.

What if I am placing the logo on a blue or dark background? When printing or placing a logo on a field of blue or any color that is low contrast, the logo should have a white outline.

Can I have my own logo? Secondary logos should not be created. Any type or images surrounding the logo should be of sufficient contrast so that the logo is not crowded or obscured. There must be a minimum of one quarter inch (1/4) clear space around the logo.

How large does the logo need to be? The logo should be proportional to size of your publication, promotional item, or website.

The absolute minimum size for the block N is one quarter inch (1/4), however, this size is appropriate only for promotional items like pens.

If the logo is used in combination with the logotype, the overall height should be no smaller than three quarters of an inch (3/4).

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