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Mackay Majors and Enrollment

Mackay building and statue

As an employer, you have specific requirements that need the best candidate for a position. Here at the Mackay School, we are immensely confident in our students and their ability to meet (and exceed) the challenges placed before them. For additional information regarding the competencies and specialties of the Mackay majors, please explore our departments:

Mackay School Enrollment Numbers Table - Fall 2014




Geological Engineering/Geo-Engineering* 69 16
Mining Engineering/Geo-Engineering* 113 21
Metallurgical Engineering 16 6
Geology 79 38
Geography 45 26
Geophysics 16 7
Hydrogeology/Hydrology 7 39**

* Geo-Engineering is a joint PhD-only program
** Interdisciplinary Graduate program

For more information contact:
Katia P. Albright, M.A., GCDF
Coordinator of Career Development

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