Studying Linguistics at UNR

The Department of English offers both major and minor options in Language and Linguistics. Listed below is an outline of the program requirements; please check with your English Undergraduate Advisor for more information (and visit the Undergraduate section of the English Department website).

Major: English (Language and Linguistics)

To graduate from the Department of English with a 'Language and Linguistics Specialization' you must complete nine required courses and three electives.

The nine required courses are:
281: Introduction to Language or 282: Introduction to Language & Literature
298: Writing about Literature
303: Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism
411B: Principles of Modern Grammar
412A: Linguistics
412D: Phonology
413A: Sociolinguistics
414A: History of the English Language
415A: Old English
Note that 281 or 282, 298 and 303 should be taken before the 400-level classes. Moreover, it is recommended that you take 412A: Linguistics before taking the other 400-level classes

The three electives may be chosen from a range of courses. The linguistics specific courses on offer include the following:
412B: "Applied Linguistics" (taught as a "Topics in Linguistics" class that varies each semester: see the list of current courses to find out more about what is being offered)
413B: Historical Linguistics
415D: Old Norse
416B: Language and Gender

Minor: English (Language and Linguistics)

A minor program specialization in Language and Linguistics requires you to complete 18 credits.

You must take 412A: Linguistics and
You must also choose two courses from the following three:
411B: Principles of Modern Grammar, 412D: Phonology, 415A: Old English.

Additionally you must take one course from each of the following three groups for a total of 9 credits:
1. Linguistics:
ENG411B: Principles of Modern Grammar, ENG412D: Phonology
FLL455: Applied Romance Linguistics, GER301, GER445, EDS463, EDS 464, EDS461, SPA312, SPA320: Phonetics, SPA362: Introduction to Audiology, FR301: French Phonetics
2. Sociolinguistics:
ENG413A: Sociolinguistics, ENG416B: Language and Gender
3. Historical Linguistics:
ENG414A: History of the English Language, ENG415A: Old English; FLL458: History of the Romance Languages, GER458: Introduction to the History of the German Language

[Courses without departmental prefixes are English (ENG) courses, often cross-listed with Anthroplogy courses. The other abbreviations are: EDS: Education Specialties, FLL: Foreign Languages and Literatures, FR: French, GER: German, SPA: Speech Pathology and Audiology]

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