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Academic Advising

College of Liberal Arts advisors Laura Scott, LJ Johnson and Natasha Rudi

The College of Liberal Art's dean's office coordinates all advising activities in the college, and students can contact the Director of Advising, Recruitment and Retention with advising questions at any time. Additionally, since it is the dean's office that provides final college review of all applications for graduation, students also may request a pre-graduation evaluation appointment to ensure that their entire program is tracking correctly.

Majors and Minors
The College of Liberal Arts offers more than 20 majors and even more minors. For more information, see the Degrees section.

Advisor List

Find a searchable list of advisors for all majors and minors in the College of Liberal Arts.

Declaring a Major

Decided on your major or minor or maybe are changing it? Please fill out these forms.

Resources for New Students

New to the process? Come see us as you begin your journey at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Advising FAQ

The top 10 most asked questions answered.

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