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Master of Arts in Psychology, Behavior Analysis Specialization

An understanding of human behavior

The Master of Arts degree in behavior analysis psychology  builds upon foundational undergraduate knowledge — and helps prepare students for doctoral studies or careers in government and the public and private sectors. The psychology program provides master's degree education and research training in behavior analysis.


Each psychology program maintains its own admissions process.

Area of Specialization

Behavior Analysis

Accredited by the Association for Behavior Analysis, training in behavior analysis at the University of Nevada, Reno is conducted via a junior-colleague model and includes supervised experience and instruction leading to the master's and/or doctoral degrees. The behavior analysis program focuses on the philosophies of behaviorism, the theory and methodology of behavior analysis, basic and applied research in human behavior, basic research in animal behavior, application of behavioral principles to organizational administration and consultation, instructional design and technology, parent and teacher training, and clinical populations, participatory governance and fiscal management. Admission materials are due Jan. 1.

For more information, download the 2015 Behavior Analysis Masters Handbook.

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