Latino Research Center University of Nevada, Reno

Our Mission

The Latino Research Center at the University of Nevada, Reno serves as a nexus between the Latino community and the university. Its mission is to foster research, student achievement, faculty collaboration, advocacy, and outreach in a manner that best meets the educational needs and goals of the State of Nevada and best honors the intellectual and cultural capital of the Latino presence in our state.


Do You Hear My Accent When I Write?:
The Voice Of A Latina Im

Do You Hear My Accent

Journal of the LRC


The Latino Student Advisory Board

The Latino Research Center Student Advisory Board is primarily composed of university students, but also incorporates ideas and suggestions from faculty members and prominent community leaders, who strive for the enhancement of the Hispanic community at Nevada through public outreach, academic excellence, and political movements. Contact a member of our executive board to join our club.

Spring 2015 Latino Student Advisory Board


Ivon Padilla Rodriguez

Vice President
Maria Plascencia

Alexandria Malone

Laura Martinez

Fundraising Chair
Noeli Plascencia

David Perez

Special Events Chair
Maggie Salas

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