dia de los muertos



November 2nd

Joe Crowley Student Union
Milton Glick Ballroom

The Latino Research Center is proud to invite you to participate in an exhibition installment for the Day of the Dead. Altars made by community members, students, and Campus organizations will be displayed at the Joe Crowley Student Union (JCSU), Ballroom and we welcome you to build your own. An altar honors those that have passed away through offerings of food and presentations of favorite items of the deceased.

How can I participate in the exhiition?

Just reserve your space here and bring your items to build your altar on November 2nd.

Click here to reserve your space at the exhibition.


Please let us know as soon as possible if you interested in setting up an altar so we can accommodate space to your needs.

The last day to request a space in the exhibition is Wednesday, October 29th. Please call the UNR Latino Research Center at (775) 784-4010 or E-mail us at latinocenter@unr.edu.


Installations will be set up in the JCSU Ballroom at 1:00 PM. Tables will be provided to those who have requested space. Altars will have 3 levels: floor, table, and wall (to build a wall you will need to provide a backboard or support since we are not allowed to affix items to the Rotunda walls). If you wish to add more levels you will need to bring the necessary platforms and other supplies.

Make sure to fasten or secure valuable or cherished items so they are not easily damaged or lost.

Food must be wrapped or packaged for sanitary purposes. Altars can be made personally or with the help of others; however, collaboration is highly encouraged!

We emphasize creativity, and if you choose to, a one page biography, poem or other text can be put on display to describe the person being honored. Make sure to give us the name(s) of the person(s) you are honoring, and the names of the organization, group, or individual that took part in the construction of the altar.