dia de los muertos


Every year we are bombarded with marketing campaigns and plead to fall into the Halloween craze. This year let’s do something different. Let’s talk to our children about those that left before us, and their meaning in our lives. Let’s tell them about how we long for their presence and tell them about our heritage and our story.

Sugar Skulls

Sugar skulls are made in a myriad of different recipes. Some consist in a syrup poured into casting molds where the syrup solidifies into a layer covering the insides of the mold. Others are made by compressing sugar and water. We will teach the children how to decorate the later ones. A beautiful memory to make in honor of family members or friends who have passed away. Maybe, the beginning of a new tradition a home?


Catrinas are satirized representations of the Death and have become a very important icon on the celebration of the Day of the Dead. Catrinas are often represented as a lady skeleton with long dresses and a hat. We will teach children to decorate them with all sort of items: feathers, paper, glitter, etc.

Face painting

Who doesn’t love to play with face painting? We will have all kinds of make up for parents to play with the children and try to emulate the catrinas. This exercise stimulates creativity, and often is a great opportunity for parents to team up with their children. Also, adults in general enjoy showing off their skills at make-up artistry as well.