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eSirius is a web-based product comprising a fully integrated group of applications to manage IACUC and Animal Resource Facility (ARF) functions. With eSirius, users have access to their personal eSirius home page providing them with a single point of access to select IACUC and ARF- related information. There are two types of eSirius users:

Office Users

Office users of eSirius include IACUC staff, director, and committee members; department veterinarians; animal buyers, facility supervisors, receiving technicians, census coordinators. Depending on the rights assigned to each individual, office users can access any data in the system.

Enterprise Users

Principal Investigators and their staff. In the Expert security set-up, a group is created for each PI, and individuals are linked to those groups. Enterprise users can access only those protocols and requisitions belonging to the group owner (Principal investigator) of the group to which they belong.

Access to data in the system is controlled in eSirius Expert; office users can retrieve all data whereas enterprise users can access only their own.

Protocol Forms

Before you can begin work with any animals, or perhaps even animal tissues, you must receive approval from the IACUC for your proposed work. IACUC protocol forms are online in eSirius. Please contact the Lab Animal Medicine office for information regarding logging into this system or completing the protocol. Any proposed changes to protocols (amendments) must also be approved before the changes occur. Forms for amending existing protocols as well as forms for required annual reviews of animal work are also available on the eSirius site.

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