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UNR-WPA: Blackberry

With each update to a Blackberry's firmware, the interface for connecting to a wireless network changes. However, the concept remains the same.

  1. Go to Manage Networks
  2. Click on Setup Wifi Networks
  3. Scan for available networks, and then select UNR-WPA.
  4. The security settings then need to be altered:
    • Security Type: PEAP
    • Username: Your NetID username
    • User password: Your NetID password
    • CA Certificate: AddTrust External CA root
    • Interlink security: AUTO
    • Token: None selected
    • Server Subject: [blank]
    • Server SAN: [blank]
  5. You should be able to connect to the UNR-WPA signal without an issue.

If you have any issues connecting to the wireless signal, please see our Wireless Troubleshooting section.

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