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ResHall: Registration Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble registering your computer, the following may be helpful.  Suggestions include rebooting your computer, ensuring that you are entering your NetID and password correctly, and waiting 5 minutes for registration to complete.

Client Already Registered

Client Already Registered

If you see this error, it means that your computer is already registered and does not need to be registered again. Try rebooting your computer as this will often correct this problem.

Authentication Failure

Authentication Failure

Information you typed in the NetID and/or Password boxes on the registration screen were incorrect.

Try entering your information again.  Ensure you spell your NetID and Password correctly (remember, the password is case-sensitive!).  Also, see our NetID Troubleshooting section.

Stuck at the Confirmation Screen

If you have registered your computer and received the confirmation that the registration was successful, you may need to wait up to 5 additional minutes before the registration becomes effective and your computer is switched into the correct network. This can happen during times of heavy network load or if a lot of people are registering at the same time (such as the start of a semester when a lot of students are moving into the residence halls). If, after waiting some additional time, you are still prompted to register, you should reboot your computer.

It may also be necessary to clear your browser's cache, as sometimes the browser can get "confused". See our information on clearing temporary internet files.

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