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Remote Access

There may be situations when you are not on-campus, but you need access to electronic resources that are usually only available at the University.

The IT departments provides a couple of methods for accessing University computers and resources from off-campus: Remote Services and VPN access.

Remote Services

Remote Services allows access to specific software titles, or a remote computer instance, via a website or Remote Desktop connection.

VPN Access

If your connection needs can not be solved by connecting to, then it is possible to obtain permission to connect to the University network via VPN.

Why can't I connect directly to my office computer?

For security reasons, it is not possible for us to put the exceptions in our firewall for you to connect directly to your office computer. Instead, we recommend connecting to either the VPN or Remote Services and then connecting to your office computer (your computer must be set up to allows incoming remote session connections, including ensuring that it doesn't go into sleep or hibernation).

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