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Tier 2 Academic Storage

In addition to the regular UNRNAS, the Information Technology department is also able to offer "Tier 2" storage (also known as "Wolf") for faculty and staff who have special data storage requirements, such as:

Large File Storage

The quota limits on T2 are much higher than the UNRNAS. Therefore, this form of storage is ideal for academic projects that involve large files that otherwise may not fit on UNRNAS.

Inter-Departmental Collaboration

The UNRNAS is divided up into departmental storage. Generally, only those belonging to the specific department will be able to access the group storage. Researchers, academics, and staff who require storage for those across different departments may utilize Tier 2 storage for that access.

Created for special projects

Folders on the Tier 2 storage system are created specifically for the project. This is, essentially, getting customized data storage without needing to follow the access and storage guidelines your department may have on the UNRNAS.

Secure Data

Only those who have been listed as needing access will have access. Unlike with the UNRNAS, there are no issues of permission inheritance.

Secure, Reliable Backups

Tier 2 storage utilizes the same backup technology as the UNRNAS. This system securely and reliably backs up all the data, once a day, to multiple systems both on-campus and off-campus (for security reasons, these locations are kept confidential). Therefore, in the event of a disaster, your data will remain secure and available.

Accessing Tier 2 Storage

Accessing Tier 2 storage is the same as accessing the UNRNAS. Please review the UNRNAS instructions, substituting \\UNRNAS with \\WOLF.

Requesting Tier 2 Storage

Please contact IT Support to request a specialized Tier 2 storage location on "Wolf".

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