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Data Storage (UNRNAS)

If you are accessing your NAS share from the wireless signal, or from off-campus, you will need to fully-qualify the server from \\unrnas\... to \\\...

University IT offers secure disk space for storage of work-related documents and data on the Network Attached Storage (NAS) system.  Network-attached storage consists of hard disk storage and software for configuring and mapping file locations to the network-attached device (like a computer linked to the UNR domain).


  • Access to documents and data are secured by limiting access to specific NetIDs.  Personal shares are limited to a single NetID, Departmental/Group shares can have any number of authorized users.
  • Storage spaces (or shares) can be mapped as a lettered drive to the local computer making storage and recovery seamless from programs. For example: a personal share may be identified as the H: or U: drive and a group share may appear as the G: or S: drive.
  • Documents and data are available from any machine within the UNR domain a faculty or staff member logs into. For example: A classroom PowerPoint presentation may be created using an employee’s personal computer and retrieved from a classroom podium computer when the instructor logs on to teach. It is also possible to remotely access the University network from off-campus to retrieve files from the NAS.

Storage Types

Department/ Group Shares

Information on storage available for multiple people to access.

Personal Share

Information on the storage available for individual employees of the University.

Tier 2 Storage

Information on the storage available for special projects requiring large files and/or inter-departmental access.

Useful Resources

Mac Access

How to access a network share from a Mac.

Mapping A Network Drive

How to create a quick shortcut to your UNRNAS share by assigning it to a drive letter on a PC.

Backup/ Restoration

Information on UNRNAS backups and how to restore files.

For any assistance with your network storage issues, please contact IT Support.

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