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ownCloud: Uploading Files

Once you have logged into ownCloud, uploading files to the system is very simple.

Click-and-Drag Method

Drag a single file, or select and drag multiple files, from Explorer (Finder on a Mac) directly into the ownCloud website. When you release the mouse, the files will be uploaded to the system.

Please Note: This method will not work for versions of Internet Explorer older than version 10.

Click and Drag

Upload Button

  1. Within ownCloud, click on the Upload button. This is a button with an upward-facing arrow on it.Upload Button
  2. A file selection window will appear. Select the file(s) you want to upload to ownCloud.Select File
  3. Click on Open.Click Open
  4. Your file will upload to ownCloud.

Syncing Files from Your Computer

It's possible to use an app to automatically upload, and keep in sync, files from your computer to ownCloud. Please see our instructions for syncing files with the app for that information.

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