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ownCloud: Moving Files and Folders

To keep your ownCloud files organized, you may want to move files and folders into and out of other folders. This process is as simple as dragging and dropping.

  1. To move a file/folder into another folder, first click and hold on the file/folder you would like to move.Click on Folder
  2. While still holding the click, drag the file/folder so that it is hovering over the new location.Hover Over New Location
  3. When you release the click, the file/folder will be moved to the new location.
To move a file/folder to the root of your ownCloud system, click and drag it over the "home" icon at the top of the screen.Home Icon

Multiple Files

To move multiple files at once, click on the checkboxes that appear when you hover your mouse over the file. When you have selected all the files you want to move, clicking and dragging on one file will move all of them.Check Files

Using the App

If you connect to your ownCloud files using the App, you can access and move files and folders in the same way that you would for file/folders on your local computer.

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