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ownCloud: Share Outside The University

Follow these instructions to give read-only access to a file for someone outside of the University (that is, they do not have a NetID).

ownCloud should not be used to store or share files that contain sensitive or protected information. This includes FERPA, medical or credit card information.
  1. Hover your mouse over the file or folder you would like to share. Click on Share from the list of options that appear on the right.Share button
  2. In the box that appears, click on the Share link button.Share link box
  3. This will expand the box. At the top is a website address you can give to anyone to access the file (please note, the website address is much longer than the text box displays).Share URL
  4. Additionally, you can enter in an e-mail address to have ownCloud automatically send out the website URL to the file.Email Link

Password Protection

The University IT department strongly recommends password protecting any file you share outside the University.

  1. Click on the Password protect button.Password protect box
  2. A field will appear for you to enter in a password.Enter password
  3. Clicking outside the password input field will save the password you entered.Password protected

If you choose to use the "Email link to person" service after password protecting the file, please note that the automated email does not contain the password. You will need to notify the recipient of the password separately.

Expiration Date

Information on making the share available for a limited amount of time can be found in the Expiration Date instructions.

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