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Lync: Setting Your Presence Status

Your presence status is the setting that tells people your level of availability. The statuses are preset and range from "Available" to "Do Not Disturb".

To change your status click on the button directly below your name (be default this will be labeled "Available") and select your required level of availability.Status Change

If you select you status as Do Not Disturb nobody will be able to send you an instant message until you change your status to something else.

Automatic Statuses

Some statuses will be set automatically by Lync:

  • Away - Your status will be set to "Away" if your computer is idle for 5 minutes or you lock your computer. Utilizing your computer will automatically change your status back to "Available".
  • In A Meeting - Your status will be set to "In A Meeting" (Busy) if the current time matches an appointment in your Outlook calendar.
  • Offline - You will be set to "Offline" if you are not connected to any instance of Lync, such as if you shut off your computer.

Checking Someone's Status

You can easily see a contact's status by looking at the color that appears next to their name.Lync Status Colors

  • Green - Available
  • Yellow - Away
  • Red - Busy or In A Meeting
  • Grey - Offline

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