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Lync: Set A Custom Message

It's possible to set a custom message that will appear alongside your name in other people's contacts in Lync. You may want to broadcast a message that gives more details about your availability, or to let others know about your award-winning cake recipe.

  1. On a PC, you'll find a grey box just above your name, usually with What's happening today? displayed.Custom Message - PC

    On a Mac, the equivalent box is below your name, with the slightly more functional message of Click to create a personal status message.Custom Message - Mac

  2. Clicking in that box will allow you to set a personal message. Pressing Enter on your keyboard sets the message.Set Custom Message
  3. Your message will then be seen next to your name in the contact list of someone else's Lync.Custom message displayed

Remove the Message

To remove your custom message, simply click on it and delete the contents of the message.

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