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Lync: Instant Message

Instant Messaging is one of the core functionalities of Lync, and is one of the most widely used features of this system. Through Lync, it's possible to have a text-based conversation with any other Lync-enabled person, or group of people, at the University.

Those with a University Exchange e-mail account may also set Lync to automatically save conversations into a folder in Outlook so that you can view the content of past conversations.

Anatomy of an Instant Message

IM Anatomy

  1. Name of your conversation partner
  2. Presence status and Audio/Visual capability of your conversation partner
  3. Conversation
  4. Type you message here
  5. Font/Color selection
  6. Emoticon selection
  7. Conversation importance setting (PC only)
  8. Conversation window
  9. Phone (not in use)
  10. Audio/Visual
  11. Collaboration tools
  12. Conversation participants

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