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Lync: Contact Groups

Contact Groups are an excellent way of organizing your contacts so that they can be easily found and sorted. For example, you may want to create different groups for the different departments your contacts work in. Alternatively, you may want to organize your contacts into groups based on the frequency that you message them. The names of contact groups are entirely customizable and will appear wherever you access Lync.

Mac Users should press Control and click if they are unable to right-click.

Create A New Group

By default, Lync will provide you with two groups: "Favorites" and "Other Contacts". To add a new group, follow these steps.

  1. Right-click on an already existing group and select Create New Group from the menu that appears.Create New Group
  2. A New Group will be made with the title highlighted. Change the title to whatever you would like and press Enter on your keyboard to save it.Give group title

You can now add contacts to this group by clicking and dragging them from another group, or add them from a search.

Reorder the Group

By default, the new group will be created at the bottom of your other groups. To move the group's location, right's click on the group and select Move Group Up or Move Group Down from the menu that appears.Reorder Groups

If you access Lync from multiple locations you may find that the order of your groups is not persistent. By default, Lync will order your groups alphabetically by title.

Rename a Group

To rename a group, right-click on the group and select Rename Group from the menu. This will change the title to an editable text box. When finished, press Enter on your keyboard.Rename Group

Delete a Group

To delete a group, right-click on the group and select Delete Group from the menu. This process will also remove any contacts located within the group from your contacts list.Delete Group

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