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Lync: Send/Receive Files - Meetings

During a Lync Meeting, file sharing is more subtle than in an Instant Message.

  1. With the conference in progress, PC users should click on the Presentation icon, then the Attachments tab and then click Insert Files.PC Insert Files

    Mac users should click on the Paperclip icon in the toolbar.Paperclip Mac

    If a Mac user has already received files in the meeting, then they will need to click on the Paperclip icon followed by the + symbol below the list of received files.Mac Add File

  2. Select the file from your computer, and click Open (PC) or Send (Mac).
  3. There will be no notification in the conversation window. Instead, notifications appear within the "Presentation" icon (PC) or "Paperclip" icon (Mac).Attachment notification
  4. Clicking on these icons will allow you to receive the file.

Managing Attachments

Mac users can remove the availability of their attachments by clicking on the Paperclip icon and deleting their shared files from the list.

PC users can click on the Presentation icon, then the Attachments tab and then the Manage Attachments button to perform these actions:

  • Remove an attachments availability
  • Change the permissions on who can access and download the file
  • Rename or save a file (under the More button)

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