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There are many different ways to connect to and configure your University e-mail. So that you don't need to contact IT Support each time, here are instructions for the most common support requests we receive.

Connecting Clients

Connecting Clients

How to connect to your University e-mail using your preferred method



Information on the the size limits of your mailbox, how to check your quota, and how to request an increase in space.


Out of Office

How to securely set an Out of Office message on your University e-mail.


Archive Your E-mail

Store your e-mails on your local computer to free up space on the Exchange server.

Public Folders

Public Folders

Accessing a public folder and sending from its associated e-mail address.

Split Arrows

Inbox Rules

Set automatic rules to manage your incoming e-mail.

Address Book

Update the Address Book

How to manually update the Global Address List in Outlook.



How to securely send an e-mail to an external address.

No Spam


How to avoid, identify, and block unwanted e-mail in your University account.

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