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Although some of the newer BlackBerry models may allow connections to our Exchange server by just entering your NetID and password (and the server:, the majority of BlackBerry phones require a slightly more convoluted process for connecting to the University e-mail system. Older BlackBerry's require e-mail to be processed through a server that sits between your phone and the Exchange server. As a result, an account needs to be created on this special server for each BlackBerry user.

  1. Contact IT Support to request a work order for your credentials to be added to the BES Express server.
  2. Once you have received notification that you have been added to the BES Express server, you will need your phone, a separate computer that you have admin rights to, and a USB cable that can connect your phone to the computer.
  3. Connect your BlackBerry to the UNR-WPA wireless network.
  4. Log into the computer with an account that has administrative privileges.
  5. Using Internet Explorer (important) navigate to
  6. Log into the website with your NetID and password.
  7. When prompted, connect your BlackBerry to the computer with the appropriate USB cable.
  8. Your phone should start syncing account information after the BlackBerry has prompted you to restart.
  9. After the restart, and icon should appear (usually in the top-left) labeled "Enterprise Activation".
  10. Keep the phone plugged into the computer until the Enterprise Activation screen lists a long list of items that it is currently syncing. Once this list appears, the phone can be disconnected from the computer.
  11. The remainder of the sync occurs over the wireless network.

Please allow 24 hours for the full sync to occur. If you have any issues, or you are unable to proceed with any of the above steps, please contact IT Support.

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