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Employee E-mail

It's possible to access your e-mail account from anywhere, by visiting the website

Connecting Clients

New Account

How to set up a new University e-mail account.

Mailing List

Mailing Lists

Details on accessing and using our mailing list system (Sympa).

Accessing Someone Else's E-mail Account

It is not possible for someone other than the account holder to access their e-mail. It is a breach of the Network Usage Agreement for an individual to give out their NetID and password so that others may access their e-mail account.

A department may put an "out of office" message on an ex-employee's e-mail account with Area Manager-level approval. If they would like an ex-employee's e-mails to be forwarded to another person's account, then Provost approval is required. These policies are in place for security and legal reasons. Please contact IT Support for more details.

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