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Fee-Based Service Support

Information Technology must charge a fee for the following services:

  • Providing refurbished equipment
  • Refurbishing existing equipment
  • Parts for computer upgrades or modifications
  • Surplus equipment, which is obtained from Surplus Property and brought in for repairs, are charged for parts and labor.
  • Some emergency repair, standard resale items, such as an interface cable, video adapters, mouse, or hard drives.
  • Operating System reloads requested on properly functioning computers. This includes computers purchase by departments with a "home" operating system as they cannot bind to UNR's network and domain. Consult with IT Support before you purchase.

Charges and Accounting Procedures

When a service is billable, the Support Center charges on a fee-per-service basis.

  • Charges reflect the time and materials spent for the completion of that work, which may vary from the original estimate.
  • Before work can begin, payment must be received in the form of an Internal Purchase Order (IPO), signed with an account number.
  • We accept a faxed copy of the IPO to begin work (FAX:  (775) 784-4502), but the signed original must be sent to Mail Stop 0187 immediately.
  • We DO NOT accept departmental purchasing cards

Please contact IT Support to initiate the work order before sending the IPO. The work order number must be referenced on the IPO.

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