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IT Departments

The University of Nevada, Reno IT department comprises of nine departments:

Steve Smith, Vice-Provost for Information Technology

Information Security

Jeff Springer, Chief Information Security Officer

[Org Chart for Information Security]

Information Security is responsible for all aspects of digital information and system protection for the University campus and affiliated entities. This unit engages with the different administrative areas and academic departments to assist in managing security procedures and policies. It manages incident response, business continuity, vulnerability monitoring and other information security related processes. In addition it oversees the centralized identity management system on campus.

IT Infrastructure

[vacant], Director

[Org Chart for IT Infrastructure]

Responsible for the maintenance and administration of all backend information technology systems.

  • Network Operations and Unified Communications

    Scott Crow, Associate Director

    Network Operations engineers, implements and manages the campus networking infrastructure including fiber and copper physical plant facilities, wired and wireless connectivity, switching and routing, datacenter networking and connectivity for medical clinics and offsite locations housing University departments for data and voice.

    Unified Communications provides communication services such as telephony, video conferencing, desktop sharing and unified messaging such as voicemail and email.

  • IT Operations

    Mike Nicks, Associate Director

    IT Operations maintains and provides system administration for the centralized physical and virtual server infrastructure to support file, web, database, backup, and application services on Windows and LINUX/UNIX. The group also supports High Performance Computing for research and manages critical data centers on campus.

IT Programs and Projects

Tracy Williams, Manager

[Org Chart for IT Programs and Projects]

Responsible for the department's project management strategy and execution. Serves as Project Manager for all aspects of major initiatives within Information Technology.

Enterprise Applications

[vacant], Director

[Org Chart for Enterprise Applications]

  • Business Services

    A group of application specialists and programmers supporting custom designed and third-party applications throughout the University.

  • Information and Database Administration

    Lisa Saichompoo, Manager

    Responsible for all enterprise database services and administration, data warehousing, and advanced reporting to assist with business analysis and intelligence.

User Services

Tina Hill, Associate Director

[Org Chart for User Services]

User Services is responsible for the end user support of IT products throughout the University.

  • Global Support

    Robert Anderson, Manager

    Providing technical support to all students, faculty and staff via the Help Desk (in-person, remotely, and over the phone), and for all general areas of IT that are universal to users regardless of their department.

    Global Support also operates several general access computer labs for students.

  • Desktop Services

    Ben Roelofs, Field Support Coordinator

    Desktop Services provides desktop computer and software support to the administrative and academic departments across campus where specialized systems administration is not required.

  • Solution Services

    Ben Gallagher, Manager

    Solution Services connects IT to academic and administrative departments to provide outreach, explain IT services, and offer solutions to complex service enquiries. Additionally, Solution Services manages many cloud-based systems and the service management solution to further enhance the IT Service Catalog.

School of Medicine

[vacant], Director IT, Medicine

[Org Chart for School of Medicine IT]

Providing HIPAA-compliant computer, networking, and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) support to medical education departments and clinics statewide.

  • Robert Boyd, User Services Manager
  • Sal Scarantino, IT Manager

Libraries and IT Administration (LITA)

Leslie Nady, Administrative Manager

Shared administration unit for both Information Technology and University Libraries, supporting all purchasing, personnel, budgeting, payroll, leave records, events, searches, inventory, travel, and more for both departments.

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