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When In Doubt, Call

  • The team will consult with you to provide appropriate resources, services & referrals, including, but not limited to:
    • Counseling Services
    • Disability Resource Center
    • Office of Student Conduct
    • Residential Life
    • Student Health Services
  • Clarify faculty responsibility in distressed/distressing student situations
  • If you or any students feel threatened, call campus police immediately (9-911 or 784-4013)

If you would like to report a concern about a specific student, please contact:

  • Marcelo Vazquez, SIT Chair and Associate Dean of Students
    (775) 784-4388
  • Jerry Marcyznski, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students
    (775) 784-1471

or fill out the Student Intervention Request Form and submit to the Student Intervention Team. The chair or a team member will contact you for details.

Please note: the Student Intervention Request Form does not become part of the student's academic record and is a confidential document.

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