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Makerspace Equipment Info

Dell Computer Optiplex 9010 8 Intel i7-3770 16gb RAM with NVIDIA GT640 (1gb) graphics
Apple Computer iMac 27" 4 Intel i5 2.7GHz 12gb RAM with AMD Radeon 6770M (512mb) graphics
Afinia 3D Printer h800-01 1 Capable of printing in PLA and ABS plastics. Build size 8X8X10
DeltaMaker 3D Printer 2 Capable of printing in PLA plastic, Build size 9.4 (hexagonal base) X 10.2 in.
Stratasys Dimension 1200es 2 Industrial 3D printer with ABS and soluble support capabilities. Build size 10 x 10 x 12 in.
formlabs 3D Printer form1+ 3 Prints using resins of various properties including flexible and castable. Build size of 4.9 X 4.9 X 6.5 in.
Dremel Multi-Max MM45 2 Oscillating tool system-multi purpose
Dremel 4200 1 Rotary tool-multi purpose
US Cutter TITAN 2 Vinyl Cutter 1 Cuts vinyl, card stock, paint mask, laminate, window film
Tormach CNC Mill 1 Machine plastic, aluminum, stainless and pre-hardened steel. Has 4th axis capabilities  18" x 9.5" x 16.25" (X,Y,Z)
Tormach CNC Lathe 1 Spindle speeds up to 3500rpm 24.5" x 12" (X,Z)
Dake Drill Press SB-16 1 3" spindle travel with 11-3/4" square work platform
Dake Band Saw SE 712 1 3/4" blade with 11-3/4" square work platform
Enco Sheet Metal Shear 130-5355 1 52" pneumatic shear capable of cutting 16ga mild strength steel
Enco Bending Brake 130-5051 1 48-1/4" bending brake capable of 22ga mild steel or 26ga stainless
General International Belt Sander 15-035MI 1 6" belt sander (angle adjustable) and a 12" disc sander
JET Arbor Press AP2-M 1 2 ton press, 7-1/2" capacity over table
Metro Spezial Indust. Sew MS-1245-6/01 1 Heavy duty sewing machine for high end upholstery, canvas tarps, leather goods, etc
Rigol Oscilloscope DS1054Z 1 4 4 channel 50MHz oscilloscope with up to 30,000wfms/s sampling rate
Hakko Solder Gun FX-951-66 3 200-450°C soldering stations
Wilton 5-1/2" Utility Vise 5 5" maximum opening with 3-1/4" throat depth
ABS Import Tools 110PC HSS Tap& Die Set 1 SAE, NC, NF, or NS threaded tap and die set (#4-3/4" and M6-18)
Dormer DR #30 115 Pc. Steel Drill Set 2 1/64-1/2", #1-#60, A-Z jobber drill bits
Dormer A190 1-13MM Drill Set 2 Oxide coated, HSS drill bits 1-13mm
Dewalt Heat Gun w/ LCD 1 150-1100°F heat gun with 50°F increments
Dewalt Sawzall DCS380 1 Cordless, 20v, Reciprocating Saw
Dewalt Right Angle Drill DCD740 1 Cordless, 20v, adjustable speed range (0-650/2000RPM)
Dewalt Jigsaw DCS331 1 3000 strokes per minute max, cordless
Dewalt Drill DC780 2 Cordless, variable-speed, reversible drill (0-600/2000 RPM)
Dewalt Drill DCD985 4 Cordless hammer drill with 3 speed ranges (0-600/1250/2000 RPM)
Dewalt Driver DCF885 2 Cordless 1/4" impact driver accepts 1-inch bit tips
Dewalt Orbital Sander D26453 1 5" orbital sander
Craftsman Socket Set 1 3/8" Dr. 6PT STD
Craftsman Socket Set 1 1/4" Dr. 12PT STD and Deep
Craftsman Socket Set 1 STD, Hex bit
Dewalt Grinder DCG412 1 20v Cordless 4-1/2" grinder up to 7000 RPM
Universal Laser Systems VLS 6.60 1 60 Watt laser cutter/engraver with a cutting area of 32"x18"
Lego Mindstorm EV3 2 Lego Mindstorm EV3 robotics programming kit with lego blocks, gears, motors and sensors

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