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Address 1664 N. Virginia Street
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Use the sequence day of the week, month, date, year . Separate by commas and abbreviate months. The months March, April, May, June and July are not abbreviated: Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2004. Spell out when the month stands alone: December 2004. Omit comma when using just the month or season and year: January 2005; Spring Semester 2002; fall 2003.

Don’t use “ th ” suffix when a date is included in a sentence. Wrong: He attended the conference on Sept . 14th. Correct: He attended the conference on Sept. 14.


Capitalize only when it precedes the individual’s name or is part of another official title.

Degrees, degree programs

The University offers degree programs. Individuals earn degrees. Use an apostrophe in bachelor’s and master’s degree. Doctoral degree or doctorate is preferable usage. Use Dr. only when referring to medical doctors. Note: preferred style for medical doctors is to use M.D., D.O., after the name. The patient was referred to John Smith, M.D.

Use capital letters and periods after the initials in most abbreviated degrees: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Master of Arts (M.A.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). However, note MBA does not use periods after the initials.

Departments, office, association, etc.

Should be capitalized only when used in the full, formal title: the Department of Chemistry; the chemistry department; he is a member of the history faculty.


Don’t capitalize unless derived from proper nouns: He studied history and English at Harvard; she is applying to the doctoral program in environmental sciences.


Reserve this title only for medical doctors, not those holding doctorates. Avoid using a title on first reference. Instead specify what kind of doctor the person is: The society decided to honor Leonard Parr, a cardiologist who runs a clinic for indigent people.

Do not refer to professors as Dr. College professors are generally assumed to hold doctorates. Not all do, but it’s awkward to refer to some as Dr. and not others.

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University of Nevada, Reno

University of Nevada, Reno
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