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No hyphen needed.


Don’t capitalize short forms of the names of University programs and facilities: the financial aid office; the medical school.

Use capitalization only for the official names of departments, not for the names of disciplines: Department of Mathematics; she is studying algebra in the mathematics department.

Chairman, chairwoman

Capitalize as a formal title before a name: company Chairman Henry Ford; committee Chairwoman Mary Jones.

Where possible, don’t use gender-specific language if you can avoid it. Use chai r, not chairman or chairwoman. (Similarly, use firefighter, not fireman or firewoman.) Don’t change the organization’s own titles, though.


Retain the hyphen when forming nouns, adjectives and verbs that indicate occupation or status: co-author; co-chair man; co-worker.


Capitalize when referring to a specific, one-time ceremony of this university: He spoke at Spring Commencement 2006. Don’t capitalize when used generically: it rained during commencement.

Committees and Subcommittees

Capitalize names.

Cooperative Extension

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (first reference); Cooperative Extension (second reference).

Core Curriculum

Capitalize when used as formal title of program: the University of Nevada, Reno Core Curriculum; the University Core Curriculum. Lowercase when used generically: Bill Jones plans to take some core curriculum classes next semester.

Course listings

In an official listing, use caps (Introduction to English Literature). Don’t use quotation marks. For subject titles, lowercase (art, biology, music, unless a proper noun like French or Shakespeare).

Curriculum, curricula

Use curriculum when referring to a single educational program. Curricula is the plural form.

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University of Nevada, Reno

University of Nevada, Reno
1664 N. Virginia Street
Reno,  NV  89557-

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