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Office of Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing

Using the Logo

Using the logo examplesThe University of Nevada, Reno logotype is set in
Myriad Pro Roman with condensed tracking. The
logotype should never be re-created. 

Original digital art is always available.

Area of isolation

There should always be sufficient space around
the logo that is free of distracting elements
such as type, photos and illustrations. In general,
this clear space should be one-half of the height of the Block N logo or 1/4" (whichever is greater). When placing the logo over photographs, make sure there is sufficient contrast against the background so the logo and logotype reads clearly.

Minimum size

The size of the Block N logo should always be
proportional to the piece. The height of the
complete signature should never be smaller than
3/4 of an inch. The size of the logotype must always be proportional to the logo mark size and should not
be scaled separately. The height of the logo mark alone should never be smaller than 1/4". See page 11 for additional guidelines.

Setting type near logo

When setting other type near the logo, only
address information should be used to avoid
the appearance of creating a new logo. Follow
minimum clear space guidelines above.


On publications, the logo must appear on the cover.
On websites, the preferred position is the upper
left-hand corner.