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Office of Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing

Fonts and Colors

PMS 282
R: 0
G: 46
B: 98
PMS Cool Grey 10
R: 128
G: 127
B: 132
PMS 877
R: 142
G: 146
B: 149

Choosing your fonts and colors

Myriad Pro is the primary typeface for the University of Nevada, Reno. This font is available in a variety of weights, including regular, bold and italic.

The Myriad Pro fonts should may be used for headlines, large display type, captions and signage. Use the bold form for emphasis to set apart. (While listed above, the italic form is not recommended and should be used sparingly.)

When preparing PowerPoint presentations and Word documents and other electronic files where font compatibility may be an issue, substitute Verdana for Myriad Pro. Arial is also an option.

Myriad Pro can be purchased online from Adobe.

Minion Pro is the secondary typeface for the University of Nevada, Reno. This font can be used for body copy and any other small text (or longer pieces, such as magazine articles).

The University's official colors are silver and blue. In printed materials, the silver is Pantone Matching System (PMS) 877, and the blue is PMS 282. Since silver ink is difficult to read, PMS Cool Gray 10 is actually the preferred ink for printed materials.

The University and college signatures can be printed in either PMS colors, four-color process, grayscale or black. Digital color specifications are also offered. On one and 2-color printing, the logo must be PMS 282 (blue) or black.