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Trina Goslin

Assistant Professor

Trina Goslin
Tel: (775) 682-8915
Office: EJCH 220N

Biographical Information:

Hello, all you lovers of English out there! Let me introduce myself. I'm Trina Goslin and I've been an English professor here at the IELC since before you ever considered learning the language! For ten years before this career, my adventures traveling around the world attempting to speak other languages are what led me to teaching English as a Second Language-the next best thing to meeting you in your country is educating you in mine!

Let me tell you a little about me personally. I was born in Idaho-famous for its potatoes-so, after I married my husband, we went to Europe in search of more exotic novelties, like pommes frites. We settled in Garmisch, Germany, where we both learned to speak German and to drink beer. I'll never forget those years of struggle in a new language and the sense of reward when I could finally communicate in it. The beer drinking part was easier. Now, I concentrate on helping you succeed in English, but you will have to do your own beer drinking.

UNR is a great place to be. I earned my Master of Teaching English degree from here, and I still find something new and beautiful to see every day on campus on my way to class.

Presently, my husband Jim, my three children, Jacy, Angie and Bonnie, and I live up at Lake Tahoe with our black cat, Licorice. Come visit!

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