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Faculty and Staff

The Intensive English Language Center was created in 1982 and since then, has been a part of the University of Nevada, Reno. Our instructors are highly qualified professionals with Master's or Ph.D. degrees. All of them have lived and taught throughout the world.

Trina Goslin

Trina Golsin

Assistant Professor

(775) 682-8915

Margaret Layton Thumbnail

Margaret Layton

Assistant Professor

(775) 682-8914

Amy Metcalf

(775) 682-8916

Mike Murry Thumbnail

Mike Murry

Recruiting and Retention Coordinator

(775) 682-6330

Peter Sexton

Peter Sexton

Assistant Professor

(775) 682-8916

Susan Valencia Thumbnail

Susan Valencia

Program Director

(775) 682-8891

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