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May 2, 2012 Network Meeting

The May 2nd meeting was successfully archived. Go to this link to view and listen to the archive.

Key points from the May 2nd meeting:

Introductions: we have new Network Members:

  • Welcome to April Livesay from Chemistry!
  • Welcome to Ericka Whited from Human Resources!

The Staff Employees’ Council is hosting the first Annual Classified Retiree and Recognition Reception. The reception is scheduled for June 6th from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm at the Joe Crowley Student Union. There is no cost to attend. To RSVP, please contact Phyllis Snedeker at For more information visit the SEC website.

PEBP Open Enrollment is from May 1-31, 2012. This is the only time to review and change benefits. For questions regarding this process, visit the HR website.

Sherry Olson, BCN Human Resources, did a fabulous job presenting this annual information. She had additional questions from NETWORK participants that are addressed here:

Q: What are the 2012 Calendar year contribution maximums for the Health Savings Account (HSA)?
A: The 2012 HSA contribution limits are $3,100 for the Individual and $6,250 for the Family. An additional $1,000 contribution for employees who are 55 or older at the end of the tax year.

Q: Is the Prevention Plan testing for drugs, alcohol and nicotine at the On Site Biometric Screenings?
A: The Prevention Plan can only test for the different elements that they have been granted permission to test for. Therefore, they are absolutely NOT testing for drugs or alcohol. This is NOT part of the biometric screenings as they have not been granted permission by the plan or by the participant to do so. However, a nicotine test, or tobacco use test, has been added to the biometric screenings for Spring 2012. The nicotine test has been approved by the plan and has been published in several documents provided by the Prevention Plan (see attached example). In addition, the nicotine is included in the release that the participant signs at the time of the screenings.

Q: What if you are retired and are offered health insurance at your new job? How does that work and what is the best route to take?
A: If a retiree is enrolled on the PEBP’s health insurance plan, they are drawing retirement through PERS or the RPA vendor. If said retiree accepts employment and becomes health insurance eligible from the new employer, they will have the option to accept or decline the new plan being offered to them. If the retiree accepts the offered health insurance plan, then the new employer paid plan will become primary and the retiree health insurance plan through PEBP will become secondary. When a claim comes through both providers, the payment will be determined by the coordination of benefits between the two plans.

Furlough Forms for July –December 2012 are due.

Download the form.

Please schedule a total of 24 hours of furlough during the six-month period (part-time prorated). Furloughs may be scheduled in 8 hour increments, but no more than 8 hours in a workweek, or you may distribute the hours between pay periods. UNR employees may take furlough in 2-hour increments. Please return this form to your supervisor by May 25. Supervisors, approved forms should be forwarded to your department leave record keepers by June 1 so they can forward the form to Payroll by the deadline.

For Trainings and Workshops, including Donnie Andrew’s Web Contract Training, visit the training calendar.

Remember, NETWORK meetings are provided as a place to network with your fellow employees and receive and/or deliver new or updated information regarding administrative procedures and changes that affect the university. This group is designed to help you do your job better by communicating information from administrative offices. Take this time to get to know your campus society, and if you have ideas for Network agenda items, please let me know.

The next NETWORK Meeting is scheduled for June 6!

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