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Academic Faculty

Promotion and tenure is managed by the Office of the Provost. Relevant information is available on the Provost's office website or on the Promotion Application. Promotions for tenure track and non-tenure track faculty are governed by departmental and college bylaws; refer to individual bylaws for instructions.

Once promotion is approved, academic faculty then receive an increase in rank and a 10% increase in pay effective July 1. Rank is the Roman numeral system used within the salary schedule to code which pay band and title is assigned to a tenure track and non-tenure track academic faculty position. The rank for a non-tenure track positions is preceded by (0) to indicate non-tenure track. A faculty member cannot be awarded both merit and promotion increases within the same fiscal year.

Lines of progression for academic and administrative faculty are detailed in the University of Nevada, Reno Administrative Manual, Section 2,515.

Administrative Faculty

An administrative faculty promotion is an increase in salary based on a faculty member assuming significantly greater responsibilities and duties relative to their current position. Administrative faculty promotion occurs when all of the following criteria are met:

  1. Change in range occurs
  2. Increase in compensation occurs
  3. Change results in increased or additional responsibilities and scope of duties

In conjunction with a promotion, the increased responsibilities and duties should meet the requirements of the next level range of the salary schedule. In other words, acquiring more of the same type of work will not qualify for a promotion. A request for a promotion of an existing job description is submitted to Human Resources, through administrative channels, for review and placement based upon the Administrative Faculty Job Evaluation Model.

A 0%-10% increase or minimum of the new range, whichever is greater, is granted for a promotional increase. All salary considerations should be reviewed in the context of equity with similar positions in the subject department and across the University. Where the new duties and responsibilities are determined by Human Resources not to be significantly different from those of the current position, the position remains at the same range.

If a position is evaluated more than one range upward, it will be viewed as a new position and will be required to go through an open search.

Lines of progression for academic and administrative faculty are detailed in the University of Nevada, Reno Administrative Manual, Section 2,515.


An incumbent should be in the current position and range at least one year prior to a range change request (i.e. promotion) and is based upon submission and approval of a revised job description.

Effective Date

A placement decision will be completed within two to six weeks following submission of a job description form to Human Resources. The effective date of an approved reevaluation promotion will be the first day of the month following approval by Human Resources. The submitting office may make the action effective any date "after" the approved effective date by Human Resources, depending on budget considerations.

In order to accommodate July 1 effective dates for revisions to current, filled Administrative Faculty job descriptions/positions, submissions for job evaluation review must be received in HR by April 5 for a May 1 or later effective date.  Requests received after April 5, if approved, will not be effective until August 1 at the earliest.


A hiring authority who believes that a position has been assigned to an inappropriate range may appeal, in writing, to the Associate Vice President, Human Resources (AVPHR) through normal administrative channels. The appeal packet submitted to the AVPHR must include: 1) the written justification provided by HR for the placement decision and 2) a written statement from the hiring authority explaining how the position meets the requirements outlined in the factors of the requested range.

Following a decision from the AVPHR, if the hiring authority is not satisfied with the result, they may submit a second appeal, in writing, to the Provost's Office through the appropriate administrative channels. The written statement must include the same elements as required in the first appeal and any additional placement justification provided by the AVPHR.

Classified Staff

Promotion in classified service occurs when a current state classified employee competes and is selected for a position higher than his/her grade level. A promotion to a classification that is one grade higher, results in a pay increase equivalent to a one step increase in the employee's former grade. Promotional pay is governed by NAC 284.172. If the promotion to a new position is by way of an open competitive recruitment and the department has justification to pay the candidate at a higher rate than would be set by a standard promotional pay, the department may seek a "Request to Accelerate Salary." For more information contact Business Center North Human Resources at (775) 784-6082.

Search and Recruitment

Business Center North Human Resources recruits for classified staff positions.

Student Employees

To upgrade an existing position or if the job description changes substantially, a new PAF is required to process this change. For wages from $6.15 - $10.00 a $1.00 increases may be granted without Human Resources approval. For wages above $10.00 approval is required by the director of Human Resources. The 10% increase must be stated on the student's PAF in the comment section. A 10% increase is only allowed once per academic year.

Other Employment Categories

Postdocs are eligible for one salary increase per year. Salary increases cannot exceed the combined total of the highest level of faculty merit and COLA given to faculty during the year of the increase. For information on promotions for Postdoctoral Fellows see college or department bylaws.

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