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PDQ Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to create a new PDQ?

  • All administrative faculty positions require a PDQ that has been reviewed by the Administrative Faculty Salary Placement Committee for range placement in the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) Salary Schedule and has been approved by the Provost prior to beginning a search process.
  • If a PDQ is more than three years old and the position is vacant, the PDQ should be updated and reviewed by the Placement Committee before beginning a search process to fill a position.

How do I create a new or revise a PDQ, stipend PDQ, or initiate a conversion from Classified Staff?

  • Contact Marsha Miller in UNR Faculty Human Resources at (775) 682-6114 or by email at
  • A meeting will be scheduled with the supervisor and the incumbent(s) (if applicable).
  • Prior to the meeting, a statement summarizing the position and an electronic copy of the current/proposed organizational chart should be provided.
  • Shortly after the meeting a draft PDQ will be sent to you electronically for review and any necessary changes.
  • Once the department confirms the PDQ and has the dean's or vice president's authorization to submit, it will be placed on the next Placement Committee agenda for review and should be routed for appropriate signatures.

What should the organization chart show?

  • Titles of all positions, name of incumbent(s) or "vacant", position numbers and ranges/ranks/grade and the direct reporting line of division or office above your department or unit. Circle the position being revised or added.
  • If a title and/or PDQ content is being revised, indicate "proposed" within the block and circle the block under discussion. It may also be helpful to include a "current" and a "proposed" chart.

When is it appropriate to attach a cover memo with the PDQ?

  • A cover memo may address the Placement Committee when explanation, justification and/or clarification would support your request.
  • Identify the action that is requested (new, revised, title change, et al). If a PDQ is being revised, the changes should be outlined indicating reasons for change and showing differences with the last PDQ. You may include a copy of the last PDQ with changes highlighted.
  • Include any discussions of merging or elimination of the previous position, search or incumbent intentions, and other considerations that would be beneficial to the Placement Committee evaluation.

When does the Administrative Faculty Placement Committee meet?

  • The Committee typically meets the 3rd Friday of every month. See "Committee Meeting Dates" for listing of dates and submittal deadlines.
  • PDQ requests should be initiated two or more weeks prior to a scheduled meeting date to allow time to finalize a PDQ, conduct analysis and distribute to the committee.
  • Late PDQ requests may require Placement Committee Chair approval to be placed on the agenda.

What is the routing process of the PDQ for signatures?

  1. Employee reviews PDQ with supervisor.
  2. Supervisor signs.
  3. Director/Chair/Dean signs.
  4. Vice President and/or Vice Provost signs.
  5. Original PDQ with signatures, organizational chart, and cover memo (if applicable) is sent to Marsha Miller in Faculty HR (M/S 0238).
  6. PDQ is added to upcoming Committee agenda.

What does the Administrative Faculty Placement Committee review?

  • Applies the Faculty Salary Model to determine placement of range on Administrative Faculty Salary Schedules.
  • Review for internal equity and compliance with relevant code, bylaws, title conventions, etc. and makes necessary changes.
  • Recommends to the Provost their "Approved", "Disapproved", or placed "On Hold" status when questions on the PDQ need clarification. Depending on reasons given for not recommending approval, a PDQ decision can be appealed to the Committee Chair and Provost and then revised and resubmitted for a new review.
  • A Faculty HR review and approval may also be done if changes are minor with no change in range or title. Those actions are submitted through normal PDQ submission process and the Placement Committee is advised of the actions at the next Committee meeting. The same procedures are followed after review by the Committee with appropriate memo and PAF/contract as necessary.

When can I start the recruitment process to fill a vacant position?

  • Once the PDQ is approved by the Provost.
  • If you have not received the approval memo and need to start the search process, contact Marsha Miller.

What actions follow the Provost decisions on the PDQ?

The action/change request is detailed with the actions listed as follows:

  • Vacant New or Revised PDQ - go here for information on initiating the e-search process.
  • Promotion and/or Title Change - Faculty HR initiates a new worksheet, PAF and/or Terms of Employment for the incumbent(s) and sends with the approval letter and final stamped PDQ to the department for signatures and return to Faculty HR for processing.
  • Revised/updated PDQ Only for Current Employee(s) - Incumbent signs one copy for inclusion in personnel file, employee retains one copy, and the supervisor retains one for evaluation purposes.
  • Conversion from Classified to Administrative Faculty PDQ - the department is responsible for initiating the separation and new hire documents required to begin the process for moving the incumbent from BCN-HR State Classified to UNR Faculty HR. Department should coordinate action with both HR offices.
  • Disapproved - If necessary, revise and resubmit a PDQ for further Committee review.

How will the supervisor be notified of the outcome of the PDQ request?

  • After the Committee meeting, a recommendation is sent to the Provost in the form of a memo, which is then signed by the Provost and sent by Faculty HR to the appropriate vice president or dean.
  • Copies of the memo, the final-stamped approved PDQ, and a new PAF and/or contract (if applicable) are sent to the department for processing the change.
  • If there are questions on the PDQ, you will be contacted by Marsha Miller or a Committee member to discuss any questions or revisions required.
  • You may contact Marsha Miller at (775) 682-6114 or anytime after the meeting to learn the outcome of the PDQ review.

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