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VIII. Prohibited Items

Many items are not permitted in the halls. Such items may be confiscated and held until they can be removed from the hall permanently. Items prohibited include, but may not be limited to: 

A. Weapons. Any weapons, including firearms, BB guns, paint ball guns, pellet or "air soft" guns, bows and arrows, bullets or other ammunition, martial arts weapons, knives or any item that is a reasonable facsimile of the listed weapons. Possession of these items may result in the cancellation of your license agreement as well as additional disciplinary action. 

B. Flammables/Explosives. Flammable liquids, harmful chemicals, photo chemicals, barbecue grills, charcoal, gasoline, explosives, flares, firecrackers, fireworks, and any other items that may be determined to be hazardous. Possession of such materials may result in the cancellation of your license agreement as well as additional disciplinary action. 

C. Open Flame. Candles, incense, potpourri or any burning ember or open flame burning. 

D. Fire Hazards. Space heaters, power tools, air conditioners, personal lamps that have bulbs higher than their rated capacity, or any bulbs 150 watts or greater, halogen lamps without wire or glass guards over the bulb, multi-plug extension cords and multi-plug adapters are not allowed. Surge-suppressors and multi-outlet cords with circuit breakers, however, are permitted.  Housing is not responsible for damage to items due to power surges.

E. Cooking Appliances. Other than in the Canada Hall kitchen areas which are the exception, prohibited items include: cooking equipment, hot-plates, toasters, electric fry-pans, grilling devices, or anything with an exposed heating element. Authorized items include: hot-air popcorn poppers, blenders, coffee makers; one refrigerator per room (under five cubic feet in size), one microwave per room (the maximum wattage may be limited). Food must be disposed of properly in all halls. Do not dump food into sinks or drinking fountains. 

F. Adhesive Decorations. Decals, stickers, glow in the dark stars, contact paper, darts, dartboard or other items which may damage walls or furniture. 

G. Lofts or waterbeds. Bunking beds in a way other than for which they were designed is also prohibited. This includes lofting bed frames or furniture on heaters, desks, dressers, chairs, concrete or wood blocks, etc. No lofted beds are permitted other that those supplied by the department. Waterbeds or other non-supplied beds or furniture may be prohibited. 

H. Stolen Property. Possession or storage of stolen property in your room, such as signs, lounge furniture, shopping carts, items obtained through theft, etc. 

I. Pet Policy. No pets or animals allowed, except tropical fish or goldfish.  Fish tanks of up to 10 gallons are permitted. There is no heat during semester break, so take your fish home for the holidays. 

J. Flammable Decorations. No "real" Christmas trees or wreaths. Strings of lights around the edges of the window are okay if you unplug them when leaving your room. 

K. Vehicles/Transportation. Motorcycles, mopeds and automotive parts or components may not be kept in or around the buildings, except in designated parking areas. Bicycles may not be kept in hallways, stairwells, balconies, or public areas, except in designated racks. 

L. Attachments. Nothing may be attached to furniture, the building, exterior poles, railings, trees, etc., or placed in hallways, window sills/ledges, and balconies. This includes satellite dishes and antennas. 

Chapter 5.IX.: Prohibited Activities

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