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Substance Free Living

What is the Substance Free Community?

The concept of a substance free community was generated by student requests. White Pine Hall is comprised of residents that have agreed to keep their environment free of all types of smoke and tobacco products, alcohol and illegal drugs at all times. This is a supportive community for students who, for medical or personal reasons, choose not to smoke, use tobacco products, consume alcohol, or use illegal drugs in or around their living environment.

How do students get assigned to the Substance Free Community?

Student must indicate on their housing license agreement if they are interested in residing in a substance free community. Based on space availability, date of their license agreement, hall/room preferences, and only those students who indicated they were interested in residing in a substance free community, students are then assigned to White Pine Hall.

How do students know what they are getting themselves into?

Over the summer, students who are assigned to White Pine Hall are mailed a letter detailing the substance free community as well as outlining the specifics of what they would be agreeing to. Residents are also given additional information at check-in and are asked to sign a contract for community, which specifically addresses substance free.

What happens if someone violates the expectations for substance free?

Staff will document the violation of policy. Residents will meet with the Resident Director of White Pine Hall. Students with a second violation may be asked to move out of White Pine Hall.

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