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Peavine Hall

Residence Hall


The new sustainably designed Peavine Hall, planned to address the needs of an expanding student population, will be located in the heart of the University's Residential Hall "District". It will consist of suite style housing for approximately 400 undergraduate students with common lounge spaces and will be an excellent example of how campus living and learning enriches the educational experience. The 117,000sf  building is being designed in a manner to allow it to complement the rest of the University's campus architecture while providing a safe, comfortable environment for students and staff. The Residence Hall will merge seamlessly with the existing campus and neighborhood context and will have state of the art building systems and sustainable strategies that complement each other. It will be the type of facility that maintains the University's high social, academic and professional values and goals that we hope to instill in all our students.

Project Team

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University Project Manager: Ariel Lauzardo

Architect: Collaborative Design Studio

CMAR Contractor: Sundt

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