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What is an Academic Mentor?

The Academic Mentor position at the University of Nevada, Reno was created because academic success is a crucial component of our residence halls. The Academic Mentor will serve students living in the residence halls by helping to bridge the residence hall living environments with what occurs in the classrooms of the University. Academic Mentors supplement the Resident Assistants living on the floor by providing more extensive academic resources and in depth individual and group academic attention. The position of an Academic Mentor is a job and should be prioritized as such. Academic Mentors will be currently placed in the Nevada Living Learning Community, Peavine Hall, Sierra Hall and Juniper Hall. However, Academic Mentors will be assigned to other buildings as needed. 

What does an Academic Mentor do?

Academic Development and Support - Academic Mentors ensure the development of an academic community through a combination of both personal academic interaction with students and larger scale programming promoting academic success. Academic Mentors will:

  • Provide at least 10 hours per week of tutoring sessions and dedicated office hours where they will provide academic assistance to their students (Some tutoring hours will be held in common areas of the residence halls and will be open to a variety of residence hall students)
  • Intervene with floor students identified as struggling academically
  • Maintain accurate academic information and up to date resources to share with students
  • Implement regular programming (in cooperation with Living Learning Community Faculty and Resident Assistant staff) to support themed communities (such as):
    • Individual Living Learning Community programs that encourage student academic success and promote a connection for the students to their particular Living Learning Community (for those assigned to the Living Learning Community)
    • Wellness programming that encourages students to identify the importance of academic success in relation to the seven dimensions of personal wellness
  • Implement monthly large-scale academic/ faculty programs (ie..Last Lecture Series)
  • Create on-going academic newsletter for all residence hall students

Residential Duties - Academic Mentors work with their floor Resident Assistants to maintain a community atmosphere that is conducive to student social and academic success. Academic Mentors will:

  • Assist floor staff with community meetings, bulletin boards, door tags, and creating floor themes
  • Perform general administrative tasks, such as preparing reports, attending meetings, assisting with program assessment, and serving on department committees
  • Role model complying with all University and Residential Life policies and report any perceived safety or maintenance concerns to the same standards as all other live-in paraprofessional staff
  • May be asked to respond to or assist with crises such as fire alarms, power outages, safety issues, or other emergencies

Minimum Job Requirements

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher throughout employment
  • Students are expected to maintain 30 credits of coursework per academic year or average 15 credits per semester
  • Enrollment in over 17 credits is available with approval
  • Must be available two weeks (Fall) and one week (Spring) prior to opening the halls for training and preparation
  • Must be able to remain in the halls for up to two days after the halls close at the end of each semester

Other Employment/Activities

  • Academic Mentor's cannot work more than 10 additional hours of on-campus employment with the student staff position

Compensation (Total Package Value of $8,700)

  • Each Academic Mentor will be furnished a room (Depending on building/room assignment, students employed may be assigned a roommate), utilities, and their choice of meal plan.
      • Please note that meals are only available when dining operations are open.
  • Academic Mentors will receive a partial tuition waiver ($14 a credit for up to 15 credits) after two semesters of employment.
  • Optional: Paid desk hours when available

Printable PDF of Position Description

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