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Extended Learning

RA/CA Extended Learning Opportunities

Want to learn more about the RA/CA position? Here are some suggested things you can do to learn more about the role of an RA/CA.

  • Attend an information session (dates and times available online)
  • Attend a leadership council meeting
  • Attend a Residence Hall Association Meeting
  • Shadow a staff member on desk **
  • Shadow a set of social rounds **
  • Help plan a program with leadership council or an RA/CA

** If you would like to explore this option, it needs to be scheduled in advance with a staff member. These activities are suggestions on ways to learn more about the position you are applying for. These tasks are NOT part of the application process or required in order to be eligible for an RA/CA position. Completion or non-completion of these tasks will have no bearing on your candidacy.

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